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Due to precautions for the coronavirus all services and meetings are cancelled until further notice.
Hello and welcome to the online presence of Woodbury Church of the Brethren.  We are a rural church located just outside of Woodbury Pennsylvania and welcome guests to our fellowship regularly.  
We hope that you can get to know us a little better by visiting these pages.  Of course, the best way to experience who we are and what we believe is by joining us for worship or participating in one of our many other events.
 This site will introduce our congregation to you, help you with travel directions to Woodbury COB, hopefully answer your initial questions and encourage you in your faith journey! Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or would like more information about us.  Thanks for stopping by.


Survey Questions for Regathering to Worship at Woodbury COB Building


1. At what point will you feel comfortable returning to in-person worship in our building?

                A. I am ready now, without reservation

                B. I am ready now as long as all recommended precautions are taken

(distancing, masks, disinfecting, etc.)

                C. I will need to see how things go with the re-opening process, so I will wait for a period of

                                several weeks to attend

                D. I will probably not attend in person until COVID-19 is in substantial decline, or a proven

vaccine/treatment is in place 


2. Current guidelines for re-opening include the wearing of masks. Which would you prefer?

                A. I would wear a mask in order to attend

                B. I would rather worship on-line at home without a mask

                C. Not sure


3. Would you be willing to gather at a different time than normal, as part of multiple services, to allow

       for social distancing?

                A. Yes

                B. No

                C. Would you prefer an earlier time or a later time?


4. If you have younger children, how would the absence of Kids’ WOW and Nursery Care impact your

       ability to worship in-person?

                A. With some patience on the part of those around me, we’d be fine

                B. It might be a struggle but we’d be willing to give it a try

                C. Parking lot worship in car or lawn chairs would be preferable to sanctuary

                D. There’s no way this would be workable for us


5. Have you been watching the on-line worship videos or listening to prior week’s messages on WJSM?

                A. I have been watching on-line

                B. I have been listening on the radio

                C. Neither


6. Would you like a DVD of the on-line service?

                A. Yes, if it were available for Sunday morning

                B. I would like a DVD of the on-line or a live service, even if it were not available until several

                                days later?

                C. No


7. Would you be interested in drive-in services in the church parking lot, which would allow for greater

       freedom, such as not wearing masks and singing, while at the same time maintaining social  


                A. I think this is a good alternative and would attend

                B. I am not interested in this kind of worship service

                C. It is not realistic for me or my family




8. If Adult Sunday School classes resumed meeting on weeknights in the basement, with appropriate

        social distancing and precautions, would you participate?

                A. Yes

                B. No

                C. It depends on which night my class meets

                D. Not sure





         Every Sunday Evening- Youth 6:00 pm

Location TBA


Wednesday activities:

Every Week:

Summer Weds: Carry-in Meal 6:30

                                                     Connections Bible study- 6:30-7:30

                                                               Adult Bible Study- 7:00


                                                               Wednesday Activities run

                                                                                                                                                            September through March                                    






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